The most important projects, your total peace of mind.

You’ve got a business to run. You’ve got an organization to look after. You don’t have time to worry about anything else.

We work directly with contractors, managers, and owners so everyone is on the same page. You know, the way it should be done.

Now here’s the best part, we don’t sub any of our work. Ever. Yes, really. The level of service we bring our clients is built on our people and our accountability. Passing the important stuff off to someone else is just not our thing.

Here are just a few of the organizations we work with:

  • Townships, municipalities, and hospitals 
  • Public, private, and charter schools

  • Religious organizations

  • Hospitality and food service
  • Retail and wholesale companies

  • Industrial and manufacturing facilities

  • Auto dealerships and parking facilities
  • Tow yards and secured areas

  • Stock yards


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